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Sam's Place CD

Sam's Place CD

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Little Feat has recorded the first new studio album in 12-years. It’s their love letter to the blues entitled, Sam’s Place. The album features Sam Clayton on lead vocals for the whole record. It’s their first studio album with their newest members Scott Sharrard and Tony Leone who have joined forces with Sam, Bill Payne, Kenny Gradney and Fred Tackett. The album was recorded at Sam Phillip’s Studio in Memphis, TN. The record’s got classic blues songs written by legends such as Muddy Waters and Willie Dixon and a new original song called “Milkman” written by Sam, Scott, and Fred. Their old friend, Bonnie Raitt, also provides guest vocals on the song, “Long Distance Call.” 

Track List

  1. Milkman 
  2. You’ll Be Mine 
  3. Long Distance Call featuring Bonnie Raitt 
  4. Don’t Go No Further 
  5. Can’t Be Satisfied 
  6. Last Night 
  7. Why People Like That 
  8. Mellow Down Easy 
  9. I’ve Got My Mojo Working (Live)

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